Picking a Leather Jacket from BikeBandit

Picking a Leather Jacket from BikeBandit

Leather, it's classic. 

If you scroll through my many blog posts throughout the years, you will have no trouble finding me wearing some of my favourite leather jackets. I talk about what a great addition to any closet leather is in this post, but today I wanted to get your help on getting a new jacket to add to my collection!


I recently felt the urge to get a new leather jacket and wondered if I should try some place new. I also wondered if I should go for a more authentic feel with my jacket. Like real biker babe feel ;-). 

In my search I came across BikeBandit.com. They are a company that sells all types of bikes, from street, to cruisers, to ATVs. But what they also carry is a selection of accessories and riding gear, including some nice leather jackets

I noticed right away that they have a large selection of women's jackets with lots of different brand names available. 

So today, I would LOVE for you to help me make a decision about buying myself a new, and authentic, biker babe leather jacket! 

Option 1:

What I like about this jacket is that the design is pretty basic and it has a small collar. The center zip is also convenient and it seems like a looser fit.


Option 2:

Now this jacket caught my eye because of it's colour. I love that it's not a harsh black, but has a nice deep brown touch. Again, the simplicity of its design also gets me!

Option 3:

OR do I go out of the box and go with this studded leather jacket?? I love it because I don't own anything like it and it will make me think out of the box. 


I would LOVE your thoughts and opinions on these jackets from BikeBandit and for you to help me pick one! Have a great weekend everyone!


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