How to Create an Easy Work Look

How to Create an Easy Work Look

I'm back from my little San Francisco vacation and back at the grind.  I'm compiling my San Francisco photos, so those will up soon! But, since it's Monday, I thought I'd share an easy work look! 

I am someone who adores dressing up and wearing heels. Since I spend most of my time at work, and am too exhausted when I get home to go out, my only real chance to dress up is at work. 

I sometimes find it hard to find that balance of dressed up and overdressed when it comes to an office look. 

Some tips that I have found helpful are:

1. Neutral Colours

Picking pieces that have generally neutral tones will help keep the outfit professional. Now, I'm not saying that you can't have colour, but an overall neutral look can help keep the outfit looking office appropriate and not too dressed up. (Unless you’re Mindy Kaling, then combine every colour and pattern you want, because you can pull it off!)

2. Add a Statement Piece

I love bold statement pieces. So adding a bold necklace to a neutral look will help jazz up your outfit and make you stand out just enough. If you are going for neutral tones, try pairing your look with some colourful heels. 

3. Heels

Heels are always a great way to add style and sophistication to an outfit. I love my shoes, so I try to wear heels as much as possible. The trick is finding heels that won't tire you out by noon! 

If you want to wear thin, stiletto heels, I'd suggest finding a lower heel. (Like the boots I'm wearing in these photos, FOUND HERE

If you want high heels, I would highly recommend finding some block or thicker heels. They give height, but remain comfortable. 

No matter what your style, a work look can be hard to find. I'd say stick with what you love and find a way to make it appropriate for the office! Find pieces that are easily interchangeable so that you aren't buying tons of new pieces; versatility is key! 

Have a great work week everyone! xoxo

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