4 Basics to Maintain your Mental and Physical Health

4 Basics to Maintain your Mental and Physical Health

I've been hearing that February can be a particularly depressing month for many people. It may be that resolutions are starting lose there excitement, or that people are unable to follow through, or the fact that Valentine's is on the horizon. It could even be the miserable weather. The snow is melting and yet it is still cold and gross.

So with that, I wanted to share 4 tips on how you can maintain both your mental and physical health during this particularly hard month. (There are, of course, many more ways, but these are a start!)

Physical Health


The weather may not be a motivating factor to get outside and exercise. But, doing activities that will get your heart pumping is SO important.

Why not try indoor sports or activities? Personally, I like to spend the winter playing some indoor volleyball. I love team sports, and it's a good way to make you get out of the house, workout, and have fun! Finding group activities can really get you out of a rut. You can live healthier and be social.


Yup, we've all heard it before! Water is essential and trust me, I can be the worst at drinking enough. I used to go a full day without having a glass of water simply because I never thought about it. Yikes!

As lame as it sounds, a great way to make yourself drink more water is to get a water bottle that you are excited to use! My current obsession is this copper water bottle by CopperH2O. The amount of compliments I have gotten while using it is unreal!

The aesthetic isn't even the best part!! This bottle has so many health benefits. Water kept in a copper bottle becomes natural alkaline water and balances your body's pH levels. It even has anti-bacterial properties which helps your immune system. It can also help with digestion issues! 



Reading is such a great way to escape. A good book can help you forget the stresses of your day and allow you to get lost in a completely different world. On top of the escape, reading is like exercise for your brain. It keeps your mind sharp and can teach you so much. Unfortunately, I haven't been reading as much as I'd like. But even browsing a book store can make me feel calm; there's something about books that is soothing.


Yoga has been around a very long time, but it wasn't until recently that I discovered how amazing it can be! Besides the physical benefits, yoga is SO good for your mental health. It allows you to free your mind and let go of negativity. If you read my last post, you know that focusing on positivity is important to me. You can walk into a yoga class with a clouded mind and leave feeling free. If you have never given yoga a shot, I would highly recommend it. Try a hatha class to start!

So let's try to make February a fabulous month and stay positive and healthy!! xoxo

The Velvet LBD

The Velvet LBD

Let Go of the Negative and Let the Positive In

Let Go of the Negative and Let the Positive In