Why I Will Never Buy a Groupon for Laser Hair Removal Again

Why I Will Never Buy a Groupon for Laser Hair Removal Again

This a post that I have been meaning to write for a long time now. About 3 years ago I decided I was sick of having to shave, wax and thread on a consistent schedule. So I did what every person who lives life on a budget does. I turned to Groupon for some discounted help! 

After some research, I found a well reviewed salon in Vancouver that was offering 6 laser hair removal sessions at an 80% discount! Since it was my first time trying it, I opted to go for the areas that caused me the most grief. My underarms and face. 

It was easy enough to book an appointment and after my consultation I felt quite at ease. They did a test patch on my arm which didn't react, so it seemed that I was good to go. They told me that I should expect reduction of at least 75%, and maybe 100%. They also said that they would start off less strong and up the strength of the laser as my appointments progressed. 

So I went into my first appointment excited. She lasered my under arms and then my face. There didn't seem to be any problems, so the next time I went in the technician upped the strength. Again, she did my underarms and there was no problem. She then started lasering my face and at one spot by my chin it felt a bit different. The technician told me that it's probably because I wasn't used to the strength. She iced my face and sent me on my way.

When I got home, I noticed a burn mark on my chin. I got worried and talked to the technician the next time I went in. She told me it was normal and went ahead with the procedure again. Now, I'm sure you're all cringing and thinking I should have been as well. But I trusted that the technician knew what she was talking about. Well, she burned me yet again and left quite the scar. I immediately stopped the sessions on my face because I was terrified of getting burned again. Unfortunately, I had to live with the memory for years as scars aren't the fastest to fade on my skin. :( 

This wasn't even the worst part. A few months after I stopped treatment, I noticed hair on my face where there wasn't hair before!!!! It turns out that using the wrong laser in the wrong places is actually a REALLY bad idea. What we aren't told is that laser hair removal can stimulate hair growth! 

So three years later, I decided to go into a laser hair clinic with medical specialists to get a better idea of what my options were. I visited Lougheed Laser, located on Lougheed Highway in Burnaby, British Columbia. I told them my horror story and the ladies were immediately shocked to hear it. 

The most shocking part to them was that the technician at the salon used the same laser on both my underarms and face. They weren't surprised to hear that I got burned or that had new hair growth. They then proceeded to educate me. So today I wanted to educate everyone else as it is SO important to be informed. Buying a Groupon is seriously NOT the way to go and I hope that my story will force you to proceed with caution when it comes to laser hair removal!

LightSheer Duet Laser

So it turns out the LightSheer Laser was what the technician had used on both my underarms and face. A LightSheer laser is used for permanent hair removal. It comes with two different heads; a larger hand piece and a smaller one. It is used for coarse hairs and the machine is less painful than the laser hair removal machines of the past.  

Important: This machine should be used on coarse hairs only. Permanent hair removal tends to not work on thin hairs. If it is used on areas with thin hair, there is the possibility of stimulating new hair growth. (Which is what happened to me)

SoftLight Laser (Pictured Above)

The sad news is that you cannot permanently remove thinner hairs, like the ones found on your face. However, a SoftLight Laser provides longer term hair removal. The machine essentially targets and disables the hair follicle. It keeps the hair from growing for anywhere from 6-10 weeks. 

Important: While this is not a permanent solution, it is the best solution for anyone who doesn't want to deal with facial hair (or any thin hair) every few weeks. 

If you are thinking of getting laser hair removal I have two pieces of advice: 


2) Get informed! Go to a clinic with medical professionals! 

I want to thank the lovely ladies at Lougheed Laser for educating me before I made the mistake of going the budget route again when it comes to laser hair removal! If you live in the Greater Vancouver Area and are thinking of getting Laser Hair Removal, drop by Lougheed or Delta laser for a consultation. Trust me, it will be an eye opener! You can also get 20% off laser hair removal and HydraFacials if you let them know that I referred you. :)

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