What is a Hydrafacial? Why Should I Get One?

What is a Hydrafacial? Why Should I Get One?

Alright, many of you must be thinking "Hydrafacial"? What is that? Until about a month ago, I was thinking the same thing. 

I went into Lougheed Laser Centre in Burnaby completely fed up with my skin. After an in depth consultation, the physician recommend I give a Hydrafacial a try. The Hydrafacial is meant to clean, rejuvenate, and hydrate your skin. 

I know what you're thinking, that sounds like any facial. So what makes a Hydrafacial different?

Today I wanted to share the steps of the facial so that you can get a better idea of what's going on. Scroll to the bottom for a little video and my opinion of the results of the facial. 

Step 1: Exfoliate

All dead skin cells and dirt are removed from the surface of your skin. This helps your skin immediately look refreshed. 


Step 2: Mask

To your facial you can add a mask which is personalized to your skin type. This is honestly a really great addition as everyone has different skin and I really think that a universal facial cannot work for everyone!!

Step 3: Peel

A glycolic and salicylic peel is applied to the skin. It removes the outermost layer of the skin but doesn't cause any peeling. I know this sounds harsh and scary, but you won't feel any burning or pain. You may just experience a bit of redness.

Step 4: Extraction

Using a serum and gentle suction, all of the dirt and debris that is in your skin gets pulled out. This was probably the best part. The vacuum is really gentle (and feels pretty cool!) but works so well. 


Step 5: Hydration

After pulling everything out of your skin, your face is injected with antioxidants and is rehydrated. 

Now for the truth about the results:

You'll leave this facial feeling REFRESHED. I never thought it possible, but it was the best skin treatment that I have done. My skin was actually glowing afterwards. Pimples that I felt under the surface were brought out and actually flattened instead of growing into huge mounds. My skin felt plump and looked hydrated. I would HIGHLY recommend trying a Hydrafacial, it's a great thing to do for your skin. 

If you live in the Vancouver area, you can head to Lougheed laser clinic in Burnaby and Delta and book a consultation. You can get 20% off by mentioning that I referred you! It's totally worth giving a try!

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