Summer Beauty Must Haves!

Summer Beauty Must Haves!

I always feel like summer comes all of a sudden and I'm never prepared. Last week I shared some of my wishlist clothing items this summer, and today I wanted to share some essential "accessories"! 

Harry's Razors

1. Razors

Yes, I wish I could wax all year round, as it is leaves skin smoother, exfoliates, makes less growth and lasts longer. However, when your legs are out daily and you have darker hairs like I do, razors are necessary. I simply cannot allow my hair to fully grow back before removing it. 

The one thing that makes me most angry about buying basic drugstore products, like razors or deodorants, is that they are marketed separately for men and women!! And of course, women's products are more expensive (because we are willing to pay more, not because there is a real difference in the product). So, I now buy men's razors, why not?! These razors by Harry's are awesome quality and inexpensive. They are pretty much the best razors I have found for a decent price. For $25 you can get a starter pack with 3 blades, a razor, and shaving gel. Refills cost $16 for 8 blades. Not bad at all!!

smile brilliant

2. Whiten!

If you're like me, summer means you come out of hibernation and finally get out to see the world! It's the best time to whiten your teeth. Get ready for all of those vacation photos and selfies you'll be taking! 

My go-to whitening kit is Smile Brilliant!  It works wonders and is the easiest thing you could do on a chill night in. I wrote a full review (with before and after photos) here and did a video demo of the process here!  

3. MASKS!!! 

I'm obsessed with serum masks. They are super hydrating and clarify your skin. Most people think they are essential in winter (which they are) because of how dry your skin can get. However, I don't think they should be forgotten in the summer. With being out all day, in the sun, there's nothing better than a soothing mask at the end of a long day in the heat. I talk about some of my favourite sheet masks here

What are some of your summer beauty product must haves?! I'd love to know!

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